Hello, I'm

Arjit Srivastava DevOps/Platform Engineer


Jun 2023 - Present

Staff Software Engineer

Part of Global observability team, Resposible for setting up/ maintaining monitoring solutions using FOSS solutions across EMEA, APAC region.

Dec 2022 - Jun 2023

Solution Architect - 1

Working as Solution Architect and using Azure services and Azure DevOps to transform the existing Infrastructure. Also using Teeraform as an IAC tool to create different resources.

Nov 2021 - Nov 2022

Technical Specialist

Worked as a DevSecOps Engineer and used different SCA tools (Blackduck, Fossid etc.) in the existing CI/CD environment.

Nov 2019 - Nov 2021

DevOps Consultant

Worked as DevOps Consultant and used Azure DevOps, Docker and kubernetes, ELK stack to Automate CI/CD and enabling monitoring and Observabilty.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd
Sep 2014 - Nov 2019

Infrastructure Automation Developer

Worked as an Infrastructure Automation Engineer used python, powershell/bash to automate tasks, also integrated orchestartion tools (Ansible, Ayehu) with Service Now.

Cognizant Technology Solutions


2009 - 2013

B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

Uttar Pradesh Technical University




2009 - 2013

B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

Uttar Pradesh Technical University

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About Me

DevOps/Cloud Engineer with Experience in Observabilty and Monitoring. Using Python to Automate stuff. Docker and kubernetes to break application into microservices

Advocate of using security tools and Open Source technologies.

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Pytest in Python

Pytest is a testing framework for Python that simplifies the process of writing and running tests. It provides an easy-to-use syntax for defining test cases and assertions, and offers a rich set of features to help you write effective and maintainable tests.

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introduction to devsecops

DevSecOps is a software development approach that integrates security practices and processes into the DevOps methodology. It aims to ensure that security is considered and implemented throughout the entire software development lifecycle, rather than being an afterthought or a separate process.

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Monitoring and observability

Monitoring and observability are two related concepts in the field of software engineering and operations that aim to gain insights into the performance, health, and behavior of systems and applications. While they share some similarities, they differ in their approach and scope.

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Creating work items in Azure DevOps pipeline

For any failed task we can create issue in Azure DevOps pipeline, This can help in identifying any issues with the build

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Kubernetes Monitoring using Prometheues and Grafana (helm)

Prometheus and Grafana are two source tools which can be used to monitor kubernetes cluster

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Get In Touch

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  • Email srivas.arjit@gmail.com
  • Address North Holland,
    The Netherlands